Pirates Horizontal Drilling's goal is to offer a professional and cost effective service to our clients, who contributes to their successes and to become long term business partners.

Initially an in-depth analysis is done of our client's requirements and needs.  Our findings are presented before a quotation is provided on the range of services to be offered.  We then enter into a service level agreement specifying agreed objectives with clear Key Performances Indicators (KPI's). 

The KPI's ensure that there is no ambiguity about delivering the commitments we make.


We strive to meet and exceed the company needs and it plays an integral part to our day-to-day business.

We are looking forward offering our services to you.


Vision And Mission 

Pirates Horizontal Drilling was founded to focus on creating unique solutions to provide to the telecommunications industry with scalable, cost-effective, feature-rich networks and GSM, utilizing the latest hardware and technology.